Saturday, September 25, 2010

50 bill will move RХАС +1,384% up the charts again

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Dear Subscribers,

Trading in the past couple of days have shown what I have known for a while now - Resource Exchange of America, RХАС, is on the move.

And I believe what I am about to tell you, will send
RХАС skywards, and we are going to see huge gains in the weeks to come. In addition, I believe the stock at the moment is decidedly undervalued - I expect the stock to break through the $1 barrier within the next couple of weeks.

And now to the news that I believe will help
America has new plans to develop its transport infrastructure, according to a recent announcement by President Barack Obama. Unveiling a new $50 billion plan to expand America's roads, railways and runways - the Obama administration's new policy could potentially create thousands of jobs across the country.

Of course it's not just construction companies who will be pleased at the news; the proposed overhaul will also create a huge demand for construction materials such as steel. Resource Exchange of America Corporation, RХАС - one of the country's largest recycling providers stand to profit from this 'mini boom' in construction. The Florida based corporation specialise in the export and global distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

The Administration's 6-year plan will involve rebuilding some 150,000 miles of road (enough to span the Earth six times), a 4,000 mile expansion to the rail network and the redevelopment of 150 miles of runway. The overhaul will utilise millions of tons of steel, creating huge domestic demand for companies such  
RХАС  to fulfil.

The news will no doubt come as a welcome development for America's scrap metal industry, particularly in light of the recent upturn in demand from abroad. The global economic downturn spelled a bleak outlook for the market, with demand for materials falling sharply as the construction industry suffered. However recent demand from Brazil, India and China has seen the industry gather pace once more. Last month saw ferrous scrap offers into South Asia hit $400 per tonne, whilst offers from China reached a high of $410.

Knowing that
RХАС is especially poised to benefit immensely from this, I foresee massive trading and increasing stock prices for RХАС in the weeks and months to come.

And remember, our last pick made a 1,384% earning, and I believe RХАС could be our next 1,384% winner!

So call your broker and get 5 - 10,000 shares in this goldmine poised for gains!

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