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Major Aquisition News:RХАС-Read Inside

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SPOT on STOCK:Resource Exchange of America Corporation

SPOT on STOCK: Resource Exchange of
America Corporation

Last week, I announced that I had put the Florida-based recycling company, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB), on my radar, as I foresee great profit-making posibilities there. And sure enough, in the past week, the followers of our list have seen 16.3% profits from this company. However, this is just the beginning - I foresee 600% gains to come.

Now, let me tell you a bit about them:

Over the last several months, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB), the Florida-based recycling company, has been taking the scrap metal industry by storm with a flurry of acquisitions, smart joint ventures and new clients.  With recent reports forecasting a major rebound for the scrap metal business, plus a continuing trend of consolidation in the industry, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) could well be appearing on the radar of major recyclers and steel companies as a red-hot acquisition target. 
With the potential for an all-out bidding war increasing, the big players in the recycling and steel industries aren't the only ones sizing up the opportunity to grab this company.  Investors also know the timing is right to buy one of the year's hottest growth companies before it takes off to new heights.

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Backbone of the Economy

Scrap metal recycling has always been big business in America.  That's because scrap steel and other metals are used in the manufacturing of new automobiles, household appliances, heavy machinery and construction materials.  Like other cyclical industries, the scrap metal business tends to rise and fall over time and, along with the rest of the economy, the recycling industry slumped heavily during the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009.  Luckily, for some companies, such as Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB), there was a way to keep business rolling during the recession.

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As the global economic meltdown raged, the so-called BRIC countries were weathering the storm better than most.  In China, India and Brazil, heavy industry and manufacturing never really slowed down, so demand for scrap metal remained strong.  For Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB), blessed with access to deep water ports, exporting to scrap-hungry overseas customers was the key to staying prosperous while most of their competitors

suffered from falling scrap prices at home.   And judging from industry analysis, specializing in scrap export is the sure road to massive future profits as well.

Recycling Warren Buffett

When it came time for the ambitious management team at Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) to chart the company's future, they decided to recycle one of investment guru Warren Buffett's best-known business ideas: buy when everyone else is selling.  Taking advantage of weakness in the industry, the company has been gobbling up asset recovery firms, scrap processing yards and more in a series of acquisitions and advantageous joint ventures – all to reach its goal of creating a vertically-integrated recycling powerhouse.
With growth like that, it didn't take long for the scrap metal industry to sit up and take notice of the ambitious new player in town.  Recently, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) and its subsidiaries have been invited to join the industry's most powerful professional organizations, including the National Demolition Association and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.  Now officially "on the map," the company is rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the business and in today's recycling industry, the big players are constantly on the look-out for their next M&A target.

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Scrap Metal Shake-Up

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The scrap metal business is fragmented, with 60 percent of the industry made up of 8,000 small to medium-sized recycling companies.  Over the last few years, the industry has been in shake-up mode, with the biggest scrap metal and steel companies snapping up smaller firms while they can in a steady stream of M&A activity.  Just as Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) has been using this strategy to become an integrated recycling powerhouse, the big players have been targeting the best small companies for take-overs, roll-ups and buy-outs.
In the past few years, there have been scores of significant metal recycling deals in the North American market. 

Dozens of growing firms – just like Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) – have been bought by "Big Steel" and major recycling companies eager to expand their empires.   For companies and investors alike, such deals bring sudden windfalls and rich rewards.
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An Avalanche of Acquisitions

Here's just a sampling of the M&A frenzy happening in the scrap metal industry:

On 01/03/2010 Nucor (NYSE: NUE), North America's largest recycler, acquired the assets and business of Ocala Recycling LLC, operator of four Ocala, Florida scrap facilities.

On 02/07/09 Sims Metal Management (NYSE: SMS), the world's largest listed metals and electronics recycler, acquired the assets of Fairless Iron & Metal LLC, a full-service recycler in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, operating two principal facilities and a deep water port export facility.

On 27/10/08 Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation (GNA: TO), the fourth largest overall steel company in North America, acquired Metro Recycling, a Guelph, Ontario-based metal recycling company.

On 23/04/08 Metalico Inc. (AMEX: MEA), a scrap metal recycling company, entered a purchase agreement to acquire the assets of an unnamed scrap metal recycling company in Pennsylvania for USD 76 million.

On 06/11/07 Icahn Enterprises LP, an investment vehicle of Mr Carl Icahn, acquired all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of PSC Metals Inc, a metal processing company based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Next Target: Resource Exchange of America?

With so many recycling companies being scooped up by the likes of Nucor, Gerdau Ameristeel, Metalico and Sims Metal Management, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) could easily set off a pre-emptive bidding war among these steel and recycling giants.  The company's vertical integration, ideal location and talented management team make it a prime acquisition target and potential buyers will be climbing over each other to get their hands on this company before it grows too big. line Break


Full Metal Service

Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) is dedicated to becoming a recycling powerhouse, capable of handling every step in the scrap metal value chain, from asset recovery, through sorting and processing, to brokering and global distribution. 
Last quarter, the company took giant strides toward creating a full service metal recycling company with its ambitious acquisition and joint ventures strategy.  In addition to a lucrative partnership with HHL, an asset recovery firm, they recently signed joint ventures with Paw Materials, a processing company and T&M Salvage, a scrap metal supplier.  Best of all, the company has just partnered with Sea Lion Ocean Freight to boost its scrap metal exporting capabilities.

With so much going for it, it's no wonder the company is already landing customers such as steel giant Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation.  With Ameristeel's history of buying up metal recycling companies it likes (see the list of deals above), could Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) be its next takeover target?

Gateway to Rising Profits

In scrap recycling, as in real estate, location is everything!  With its base in Florida, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) is situated near deep water ports that have opened up profitable overseas markets.  In recent weeks, the company has reported that ferrous scrap offers into both Southeast Asia and China have zoomed to $400 a ton, as steel mills in these regions gear up for their busy season over the next few months.  

Confirming this rising demand, a just-released report from Global Industry Analysts forecasts that scrap steel consumption will bounce back to 631.5 million metric tons by 2015, thanks to the recovering auto and building industries as well as continued demand from Brazil, India and China.  Access to these profitable Asian markets makes this company an amazingly attractive target for large steel companies

A Team Effort

The management team of Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) are some of the hardest-working guys in the business, as proven by the company's tremendous growth in such a short time.  CEO Dana Pekas, along with Vice-President Thomas L. Griffin and CFO David Finkelstein are the kind of talent that every big player dreams of scooping up in an acquisition.  With their ambition, this team will soon be targeting Nucor and Ameristeel if those companies don't move first!

Solid Steel Opportunity

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Just as weather systems can converge and form a "perfect storm," so companies and market conditions can come together to create a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.  For the big steel and recycling companies, that opportunity could be buying Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) just as the industry enters a positive trend and scrap metal prices start to climb.

This is also a golden opportunity for investors to scoop up shares in one of the year's most attractive growth companies – just in time for what could be the latest in a long series of recycling industry acquisitions.  Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RХАС.OB) has everything the big recycling and steel companies are looking for – so make sure you're in before they strike!

Grab 5,000 shares of your own in our powerhouse pick, and get ready to see three-figure gains in the weeks to come. This could even be our next 1,384% WINNER!

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