Thursday, October 14, 2010

ІDVС-Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from Major Oil Sands Project

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Major Oil Sands Project in Indonesia May Be a Limitless Oil Well

Dear fellow investor,

Last evening, I told you I had uncovered another one of our renowned stellar stocks – stocks that are destined for three-figure growth within only a few months. After having been digging for additional information, I have become even more confident that Infrastructure Developments Corp. (OTCBB: ІDVС) is going to be our next 500% winner.

Infrastructure Developments Corp. (OTCBB: ІDVС) is a global construction, engineering and project management firm specialized in undertaking projects for especially the US government and Military in corners of the world where others just can't work. ІDVС focuses on projects between $1 – $20 million; projects that would be overlooked or deemed 'too small to be profitable' for the construction mammoths.

ІDVС has just announced that in addition to their construction efforts in East Asia, they are also in the final negotiations for a contract to manage a large oil sands concession in Indonesia. ІDVС is to have the overall management of a 2,000 hectare development concession, where independent testing and surveys indicate up to 60% bitumen content. Independent researchers indicate up to 60% bitumen content, qualifying the area as an oil sands field. The yield of pure bitumen could reach to hundreds of millions of barrels. Bitumen is commonly used in the construction of roads and highways and can be refined into petroleum products.

ІDVС will work together with the local Indonesian company to advance the project to a marketable product range, and the profits will be shares between ІDVС and the local Indonesian company. Thomas Morgan, CEO of ІDVС, estimates that a profit sharing arrangement will carry significant advantages compared to a straight work-for-cash arrangement.

With the present outlook on oil and bitumen, I can only agree, and imagine what hundreds of millions of barrels of it would do for ІDVС's revenue and profitability? We are talking about revenues in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Dollars in the years to come. That is an eye-opening exponential growth which is sure to attract the interest of the investment community and lead to a sure-fire three-figure growth in its share price.

Imagine investing $2,000 and see it grow to $10,000?
Or investing $5,000 and to see it propelled to $25,000?
Or how about $10,000 and have it SKYROCKET to $50,000?!?

I am confident that the second this deal is finalized, the stock price will explode – now is the time to grab 4,000 shares so you can see your investment explode as well!






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