Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: $3.20-RXAC-Business is Good!

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Dear Fellow Investor,

You've heard the old expression: "One man's junk is another man's treasure." That saying perfectly sums up the story of one of this season's best kept secrets in the stock market. Hidden away like a gold nugget in a scrap yard, Resource Exchange of America (RXAC), a Florida-based scrap metal recycling company, has just landed in the market limelight, thanks to an Initiating Coverage Report from independent research firm Awareness Research Inc.

Getting coverage is a great sign for any listed company, but in this case the resulting analysis is enough to send shock waves down the length of Wall Street. Based on this latest research, RXAC is due for the kind of triple digit gains that would make even investors like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet turn green with envy.

What kind of returns are we talking about - 100%? 200%? Not even close. From its present price levels, Awareness Research Inc. is forecasting potential gains of nearly 600% for this company! That's right - from its current price around .55, stock market analysts are giving RXAC an official price target of $3.20. That makes Resource Exchange one of the best investments you could make this - or any other - year.

The comprehensive Awareness Research report explains just why the stock market analysts are so impressed by Resource Exchange of America. This hidden gem has everything needed to become a blockbuster: surging commodity prices worldwide, neatly-timed growth strategy and a smart, skillful management team. Resource Exchange of America has both the vision and the know-how to achieve its mission of becoming a recycling powerhouse.

Already, this company has gone from start-up to success story, creating a vertically-integrated company with customers like Gerdau Ameristeel, one of the largest steel companies in the US. Going forward, the analysts see nothing but strong growth potential for RXAC and the scrap metal industry as a whole

A New Outlook on Old Junk

So why haven't you heard more about RXAC before now? The reason is simple: scrap metal recycling is a sleeper industry, flying under investors' radars. If we think of scrap metal at all, we think of scrap yards filled with broken washing machines, crazy coils of old wire and crumpled cars… in other words, junk! But remember, junk can be treasure and in the scrap recycling business, all of that scrap metal can be melted down into mega-profits!

Scrap metal recycling is worth $30 billion a year in the US and $65 billion a year globally. Countries like China, Taiwan, Brazil, India and Turkey are importing vast amounts of our scrap metal to fuel their growing industries - making all those ugly junked washing machines a lot more valuable than they look! Suitably processed, the metal from a discarded car could wind up becoming part of a high-rise in Shanghai or a new combine chomping through the grain in a Kansas wheat field. Are you starting to look at scrap recycling at little differently now? If you are, then you're already way ahead of most investors who have traditionally overlooked the profits to be made in this little-known billion dollar sector.

Investors doing their DD on RXAC quickly learn that the recycling industry is now in a healthy uptrend as the prices of scrap metal recover from their rock-bottom levels last year. Hit hard by the recession, scrap metal prices fell dramatically from their highs in 2008 but they are now bouncing back, just as they always do after a major drop. There's a mountain of historical data on scrap prices stretching back 200 years, indicating that today's strong recovery is just what's expected in this kind of cyclical industry. And the best part? - there's even more recovery ahead. The US scrap industry is expected to rise 20% a year over the next five years as the economy improves and steel mills continue gobbling up more and more scrap metal. There's never been a better time to invest in this industry and with a winner like RXAC in your portfolio you'll be able to sit back and watch the profits come rolling in.

Feeding the Global Growth Engine

Of course, there is more than just rising scrap metal prices behind that impressive $3.20 target on RXAC. Resource Exchange of America has been busy making joint ventures, consolidating the entire scrap metal value chain into a single powerhouse company. Asset recovery and maritime salvage? RXAC can handle that. Processing and sorting? No problem, RXAC has the yards. Brokering and international sales? RXAC has access to deep water ports in Florida and contracts with top ocean freight carriers for exports worldwide.

One of the keys to RXAC's anticipated triple digit gains is the China factor. China is the most dynamic economy in the world right now and the demand for imported scrap metal is hotter than a blast furnace.

Scrap imports in January to February 2009 grew by 300% over the same period in 2008. Why such demand? Let's look at one example: in August, Chinese car sales rose over 55% year on year to 1.21 million vehicles. In the same month, car sales in the US plunged to a 27 year low. Tapping into that Chinese market spells P-R-O-F-I- T-S and RXAC has the access to deep water ports, exporting experience and, most crucially, the contacts to make it happen. Just last month, the company brought a new Sales Director for the Chinese market on board to help expand their operations there. No wonder the experts are putting a $3.20 target on this future recycling giant!

Some investors are even calling RXAC a "green giant" - and it's not because of all the cans of green peas that the company likes to recycle! Scrap metal recycling is the oldest "green" industry of them all - since the 1800's, recycling metal has been good business and now it's also a vital part of our global environmental efforts. Scrap recycling reduces our dependence on raw materials by renewing - or exchanging - the resources we already have. Imagine - making triple digit gains while investing in a cleaner, greener world. Super-investors like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have solid waste companies in their portfolios - these billionaires know a win-win sector when they see it. According to the analysts, RXAC has that same "green" stamp of approval.

Next Stop: $3.20

With joint ventures news flowing out of this company - and now, coverage and a $3.20 target - this hidden gem isn't going to stay hidden for much longer. After holding steadily in the .46 to .53 region all summer, RXAC has just recently started ticking up to highs of .59 as investors get wind of the amazing 600% gains forecasted by stock market experts. The time to get positioned in this future recycling powerhouse is NOW. Once you have your RXAC investment tucked away, take a stroll to your local scrap yard. While others there will only see junk, you'll know better - that junk is treasure.

Last week, an analyst raised his target price on Apple to $385, a 30% upside from the previous day's close. Compare that to the nearly 600% upside analysts are predicting for RXAC! Imagine -- if you buy $5,000 worth of RXAC now, you're looking at a potential pay-out of $30,000! An investment of $25,000 could return $150,000 down the road. With those kinds of profits, you could buy some of that recycled steel in the form of a shiny new sports car.

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