Thursday, October 14, 2010

RХАС-ІDVС-ВКРG-Profit from 1,384% Winners Again and Again!

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Three 1,384% Winners in the Making?


In the past months, we have been so lucky to run across three contenders to the title as 'The Stellar Stock of 2010'. The last 'contestant' to the title as our 'Stellar Stock of 2010' just entered the race this month, and although trading has been sparse, I see an immense profit potential in this one.

So let me tell you about that one first:

Infrastructure Developments Corp. (OTCBB: ІDVС) specializes in managing engineering projects in corners of the world where others give up. They primarily work for the US Department of Defense and Department of State in the Middle East and East Asia. Top-level management as well as the project managers in the field have hands-on experience in managing complex engineering enterprises in difficult political environments and high-threat situations. And they are not only seasoned in working in adverse high-risk areas of the world, but are also often equipped with the highest security clearances.

ІDVС have already worked on several profitable projects in Indonesia and Thailand for DoD and DoS, and through their close contacts with the local representatives, they are perfectly poised for grabbing several additional contracts in the short and long run.

ІDVС has an agile corporate structure with very low overheads. At the moment, ІDVС has identified $900 million worth of projects for the next 36 months, and $150 million for the first 12 months. Given their 60% bid success track record, this bodes very well for ІDVС both in the near and far future. Ten days ago, ІDVС announced they had just landed a new contract with the US Navy worth $1,198,727, covering design and build of new US Navy base facilities in Indonesia.

With almost 60% bid success rate and $150 million in the 12 month pipeline, they are going to show a 500% growth in the very near future.

500% imminent growth potential = Strong buy for ІDVС

The second one is an old-time favorite who has put a respectable fortune in our pockets on a couple of occasions before, and at their present price, they are so undervalued they are bound to bounce back. I am talking about Bark Group (OTCBB: ВКРG), an innovative integrated U.S. advertising and marketing company with a multinational client base.

At one point, ВКРG traded at more than $0.70, and in the past month they've been trading between $0.021 and $0.055. If you consider the following, you can clearly see why I estimate that this company is poised to spring back to be traded at $0.15 - $0.19:1) ВКРG  revenues in their second Quarter 2010 exploded to $3,358,000 from $695,000 in the same Quarter last year. And,2) a couple of weeks ago, the management of ВКРG announced they had managed to slash almost $10 million in debt from their balance sheet by shutting down their unprofitable Danish subsidiary.

Imagine being able to remove $10 million in debt, and what kind of growth prospects for the future that signifies? And sure enough, only a few weeks later, Bark Group (ВКРG) could announce that they were opening a new media division in Spain. This is not only an additional revenue stream but also a way to cut costs, as they can now move some advertising tasks to their office in Spain, where the salaries are less than 1/3 compared to the division they closed down in Denmark just a few weeks before. In addition, Bark Group (ВКРG) have identified acquisition targets in Norway, and they have further targets lined up for 2010-2012, propelling them to expected revenues of $227 million when they're done.

Strangely, the slashing of $10 million of debts, their significantly improved corporate mobility resulting from this, nor their acquisition of Tre Kronor in Sweden, or their new media division in Spain has truly been reflected in their share price.

A quick rule of thumb would indicate, that with a $14 million revenue and $3.5 million in liabilities of which most is equity would give a market cap of at least $40-$75 million, or $0.010 - $.020 per share. And that's just right now, before all of the effects of Tre Kronor and the new Spanish division has had full effect on the stock.

So it's just a question of time before the stock moves back up - 400 – 600%.ВКРG is being traded at 1/4 of its Internal Value = Strong Buy

And finally, I suggest checking out my September Favorite, Resource Exchange of America Corporation (OTCBB: RХАС). I have had my eyes on this recycling powerhouse for quite some time. For one thing, recycling and scrap metal have proved to be very lucrative business. So much, in-fact, that the world's two richest men, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have invested more than $2 billion in Republic Services, a recycling company exactly like RХАС. A company that profits from the fact that the slump in the steel prices of 2008 and 2009 has become a rave this year.

Compared to the 8,000 competitors spread over USA, RХАС have a unique advantage shared only with the top-50 players in the business: RХАС has direct access to the extremely lucrative Chinese and Indian markets. And they announced just last week that they are to intensify their focus further - RХАС has entered into a Joint Venture with Louisa Tsang of LT Trading Group, where she is going to act as their 'feet on the ground' in China, leveraging her numerous contacts in the area.

However, what is even more mind-boggling is the fact, that independent analyst, Awareness Research Inc. has made a initiating coverage report on RХАС stating that their stock should be traded at $3.20. By using four different valuation methods, the analyst arrives at a figure between $3.00 and $3.44, and the average is $3.20.
And just a few days ago, RХАС announced that they had signed a Letter of Intent with the National  Energy & Waste Commission for delivery of metals over the next 5 years.

This will ensure that RХАС always has a steady delivery of metals to their clients, national as well as international. For a scrap recycling company, being able to forecast their inflow of metals five years into the future is key, and it's worth MILLIONS in additional revenues. With this deal, I foresee that the stock price will quickly skyrocket from it's present level just around $0.59 to at least $1.50 and onwards to $3.20 over the following months.

RХАС has a 600% certified growth potential = Strong Buy

These three stocks, ІDVС, ВКРG and RХАС I expect to be Stellar Stocks - that is, I expect growth rates of at least three figures, and in some instances up to 600% over the next 6-12 months. However, all of these stocks are coiled like hard-wrung springs, and it is just a matter of weeks or perhaps days before they start chasing up the charts like crazy.

Imagine this:
Invest $2,000 and see it grow to $10,000?
Or invest $5,000 and see it propelled to $25,000?
Or how about investing $10,000 and have it SKYROCKET to $50,000?!?

Do your due diligence, and grab a bunch of shares in one or all of these companies, and be prepared to see the prices soar and your profits grow!

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