Monday, October 11, 2010

RХАС:The Buffett goldmine keeps its momentum!

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The Scrap Goldmine Keeps Delivering!

Dear fellow investor,

I have for some time now been predicting that the recycling powerhouse, Resource Exchange of America Corporation, RХАС, would be making a run for the charts, and trading the two past weeks has convinced me of exactly that. What we are seeing are the first stirrings in our next 1,384% winner.

In the two past weeks, RХАС was traded more than it has ever been before - period! When remembering that recycling, waste management and scrap metal have become favorites of Buffett and Gates, with their recent purchases of stock in Republic Services (NYSE:RSG), increasing their holdings to more than $2 billion, it is no wonder an otherwise 'dull' stock such as Resource Exchange of America Corporation, RХАС, can get the attention of the investment community that it deserves.

I believe we still have 600% growth in waiting in RХАС – growth that will fast outpace Republic Services' and at much more attainable prices: Why pay more than $30 per Republic Share, which can only promise modes growth at this point, when you can get more than 30 times as many shares in RХАС; a company destined to show significantly better opportunities for profit reaping?

Although trading has already more than quadrupled in the past month, RХАС is still under-traded and undervalued. At the moment, it is still only the select few who have discovered this hidden gem - but it cannot stay hidden much longer. If you get in now, you can still be one of the few lucky ones who are silently adding to their ports. Because soon, there'll be a huge run on this one!

My gut feeling tells me that although news have been a bit scarce in the past two weeks, it is not due to lack of activity – rather, it is the silence before the storm. News this week of a signed agreement with LT trading increasing their focus on the exceedingly lucrative Chinese market seems to me to be a precursor of even more potent news just around the corner - I'll be very surprised if they don't have some very juicy news for the market in the next couple of weeks, and then trading and value will quadruple once again!


Add to this that last week, independent researcher, Awareness Research, announced that it had made an Initiating Coverage Report on RХАС. And that's mind-boggling reading: The fair market value of RХАС will be $3.20 per share – almost SIX times its presently traded value!

Get a hold of the Initiating Coverage Report

See for yourself how everything just adds up, and how this stock can make you a profit almost SIX TIMES your investment!

I'll just recap some of the findings from the report:

"RХАС's integration model is well-timed" (I told you so...), and "RХАС is well positioned to take advantage of global growth for recycled metals ... in part due to its good connections abroad" (And those connections just got much, much better...).

And it continues:

* RХАС can show a 35% annual sales growth over the next five years – almost double the industry average of 15-20%.

* The driving factors will, among others, be a continued upward pressure of scrap metal prices deriving especially from the growing demand from China, India and South Korea, combined with RXAC's joint venture strategy of becoming a vertically integrated recycling powerhouse.

* RХАС is especially well positioned in regards to precisely these countries, which will ensure their substantial growth potential. * The RХАС management team will be able to deliver on their vertical integration strategy, which will improve their bottom-line as well.

* And I just have to repeat the kicker once more: The Target Price for RXAC is $3.20 – SIX times its present traded value!

There are, of course, several other arguments and calculations explaining how this recycling powerhouse is going to be worth six times its presently traded value, but believe me: everything is rock-solid – RХАС is going to be traded at FAR MORE in just a short while!

In short – invest $2,000 today, and see that grow to $12,000!

Invest $5,000 today, and see your port grow to $30,000!

Or invest $10,000 today, and see your fortune EXPLODE to $60,000!


So who are they?

Resource Exchange of America Corporation, RХАС, is a scrap metal recycling powerhouse that is poised for impressive growth and huge profits. And that kind of growth can quickly mean significant gains for your portfolio!

RХАС has clearly been positioning themselves in the past couple of months to deliver on their revenue projections of +1,200 % over the next 5 years! Just as impressive, their profits are projected to jump by 950 % in the same period!

This recycling powerhouse is not only amassing wealth in the GREEN sector, but they could give you more GREENBACKS than you can count!

RХАС is going to achieve those impressive results through acquisitions and joint ventures that will allow them to control the entire value chain, rolling asset recovery, scrap metal sorting and scrap metal sales into a coherent profit-reaping powerhouse.

If RХАС continues on their present path for profits, I am convinced they'll be the next buy-out target, just like Omnisource. And that means three digit gains! I am projecting 600 % gains on RХАС over the coming months!

Omnisource started out small like RХАС, grew through acquisitions and joint ventures until it was bought out by another scrap metal giant for $1.1 BILLION dollars!

Check out the top-7 reasons why we like RХАС and why you should put it on your BUY list today:

#1: As the report shows, RХАС is decidedly undervalued. It's target price is going to be $3.20!!

# 2: RХАС is in one of the biggest and most important industries in the U.S. and recyclable scrap metal can command top dollar. The price for scrap metal keeps increasing at a pace that would make a gold-investor dizzy.

#3: RХАС has all the makings of a stellar buyout target – just like Omnisource, they could become the next Billion Dollar Buyout!

#4: RХАС has already formed several joint ventures and more are clearly to come – they mean business!

#5: RХАС has received the stamp of approval by partnering with the fourth largest steel company in North America, Gerdau Ameristeel.

#6: RХАС is projecting a 1,200 % increase in revenue and 950 % increase in profits!

#7: Already, RХАС is showing significant daily gains and growing volumes – that's a sure sign of growing momentum with great possibilities of profit reaping.

The lucky ones who managed to get hold of shares in RХАС when I issued my early profit alert they are ahead of the game – but you can still manage to get a sizeable profit. The report is still quite fresh from the printer, and not all have had time to go through it yet – so before everybody else gets a clue about this undervalued gem, NOW is the time for you to grab a bunch of shares for yourself! Already it is up 28% in the past month. Even if it's trading at $2.00, you still have a hefty profit ahead of you!

If you can manage to get hold of 5,000 shares before the rally sets in, consider yourself lucky – and if others have got ahead of you, you should still grab as many as you can!

This stock can make you a SIX TIMES PROFIT – So what are you waiting for!

And remember – our latest pick gave 1,384 % gains to a very fortuitous investor less than two weeks ago!That's a $138,400 fortune on a $10,000 investment!

Make sure to do your due diligence on RХАС, and get ready to make some true profits!





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