Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morningstar Communications - Requested Info

 Dear Investor,

Thank you for for your interest in Penny Stock Investing. I have included some info on our latest partners.

Resource Exchange of America


Recent price : $0.50

Business Overview http://www.resource-exchange.com/pages/1167/downloads

Analyst Report with $3.20 Price Target http://www.mscorpcommunications.com/rxacmrr

Resource Exchange of America Corporation is working to become a recycling powerhouse by rolling up companies within asset recovery, processing and brokering of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal. With its access to deep-water ports, the company will be able to sell the scrap metal to clients domestically as well as abroad. Resource Exchange of America Corporation will bring together the best companies within the recycling industry and elevate them to excellence, drawing on the strengths of the individual companies while combining forces to achieve synergies and be able to tackle the biggest jobs.

Infrastructure Developments Corp.


Recent price : $0.50

Business Overview http://www.idvcinc.com/about.html and IDVC's subsidiary Intelspec


Latest news http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/IDVC/news

Infrastructure Denouements is an engineering and construction services company that services an underserved niche in the global project management spectrum, targeting specialized projects and subcontracts that are too small to attract giant multinational firms, but which still require world class engineering expertise. The Company is expanding its project management services into the oil and gas industry.

Keep your eyes on this one. News and action coming soon!!!

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At Morningstar we are committed to bringing you only solid growth companies with strong upside in short to mid term. After reviewing the above information I am confident you will see the value of having RXAC and IDVC in your portfolio. If you have any questions or would like for information on Resource Exchange or Infrastructure Developments or our other clients please contact us, details listed below.

Following is a brief description of some deals over the past year:

OTCBB: AMNP American Sierra Gold

Price from $.55 in September 2009 peaking at $1.40 and sustaining over $.75 on 2,000,000 shares average daily volume for a three month period

OTCBB: AMLM American Lithium Minerals

Price from $.35 in September 2009 peaking at $3.00 and sustaining over $1.25 on over 1,000,000 shares average daily volume for a three month period

OTCBB: LTUM Lithium Corp.

Price from $.75 in January 2010 peaking at $1.40 and sustaining over $1.10 on over 700,000 shares average daily volume for a three month period

OTCBB: BLGW Bloggerwave Inc.

Price from $.20 in January 2010 peaking at $1.00 and sustaining over $.80 on over 400,000 shares average daily volume for a three month period

OTCBB: MNLU Mainland Resources Inc.

Price from $1.15 in March 2010 peaking at $1.60 and sustaining over $1.20 on over 400,000 shares average daily volume for three month period


Price from $.15 in September 2010 peaking at over $.30 and sustaining over $.20 on over 800,000 shares average daily volume

OTCBB: LCHL Defi Global Inc.

Price from $.08 in October 2010 peaking over $.23 on over 8,000,0000 shares average daily volume


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USA Toll Free 1-888-876-9995
NY Local / Fax 1-646-224-6871

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