Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oil Sands and Military Contracts IDVC.OB Special Report


There’s a business out there that’s earning Tens of $Billions every year

It’s recession-proof, and it’s growing fast

Competition is limited, margins are high…

and most investors don’t even know it’s there!

Dear investor,

Think about the headlines you’ve seen recently…

  • Tens of Billions in reconstruction spending in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Tens of Billions in aid for developing countries

  • Huge investments in peacekeeping forces, training for friendly military forces, expanded diplomatic missions

  • Continued high oil prices driving Hundred Billion dollar investments in oil and gas production capacity.

  • Hundreds of Millions in relief efforts after natural disasters

  • Multi Billion Dollar environmental cleanups

You may or may not approve of that spending. That’s politics, and that’s not our concern. We’re here to make money, so we went looking for answers to some basic questions:

  • Where do all these billions come together?

  • Who’s making the money?

  • Most important, how do we get a piece of it… preferably in a ground floor growth opportunity?

It’s not all going to Halliburton!

Once upon a time Halliburton, KBR, Fluor and the other giants would have eaten up the contracts and the huge profit margins would have gone to their shareholders. Not now. Revelations of corruption, overcharging, bid rigging, and other abuses have put Congress and the people on the warpath. Investigations are making headlines, and the people awarding the contracts know that if they make a sweetheart deal they’re likely to get stomped. That leaves an open field for companies with competence, experience, and a clean record.

We went looking for companies that fit that description. We found one that’s been built by industry veterans with decades of experience, and designed to target an underserved niche in this huge and growing business. Best of all, it’s still small, so we can get in cheap and watch it grow!

The company is Infrastructure Developments Inc, (IDVC.OB) and it deserves your attention right now!

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